Date: 2004-02-01 18:12:00
Tags: random
I've joined orkut. I think this phenomenon needs some new words to help describe what goes on:

orkut (n) - Your group of friends who are also on Examples: "Can you add me to your orkut?" or "He's got a really big orkut of friends."

orkut (v) - To increase the size of your orkut. Example: "I'm going to stay home and do some orkutting this evening."

workut (v) - To orkut at work. Example: "My boss said we'd be suspended if she caught us workutting any more."

orky (a) - Describes the degree to which somebody has embraced the orkut phenomenon. Example: "I like him, but he's a little too orky for me."

orkian (n) - A member of Example: "Are you an orkian yet?"

orkarma (n) - The number of happy faces, ice cubes, and hearts that appear on somebody's profile. Example: "I always thought she was cool, and her orkarma just confirms that."

whorkut (n) - To befriend anybody and everybody in an attempt to get the largest orkut possible. Example: "He's never met most of the people there, he's just being a whorkut."

borkut (a) - Describes an beta server in a less-than-operable state. Example: "I tried to add you last night but the site was borkut."

yorkut (n) - A community for orkians from New York. Example: "The yorkut community is one of the most active."

Ok, that's enough from me. Anybody else have any contributions?
orcast (n) An individual who has never received an invitation to join Orkut. ex: doppler
I hear your cry for help, my friend! Invitation sent. :)
I am also an orkcast. I need to feel like I belong,
[info]ivo : Orknut
Orknut: Someone who spends way to much time on orkut.

Not to be confused with "orknot": Someone who has no interest in joining yet-another-perpetual-beta-"look how much friends I think I have"-site.
[info]nugget : Re: Orknut
I suggest dorkut as an alternative for this.
This is hilarious. dorky, but hilarious. very creative. :)
saluton. via lj estas tre agrabla.
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