Date: 2009-01-06 00:55:00
Tags: annual
2008 in review

Wow, time flies, it's 2009 already. Here is 2008:

Eble interesus vin la matematika libro "The Hidden Logic of Sudoku" efektive ekkonis la aŭtoron Denis Berthier en Barato dum nia vojaĝo tie! Afabla ulo, kaj li faris multan esploradon pri la matematiko kaj aŭtomata solvado de Sudoku-enigmoj.
Hiya! You don't know me, but I wrote a short guide to using ljdump for non-technical Mac users on my LJ, here. I'm getting some error reports which I'm not sure how to handle, because I'm not a Python hacker (I know, it's shameful, I mostly speak perl). I do not expect you to want to do ljdump support for non-technical users, but if any of the reports there are useful as bug reports for you, there's that.

Thanks for an awesome tool.
Cool, thanks!

I created an [info]ljdump community a while back but never did anything with it. I'd be happy to see user support things there, I just updated my ljdump web page to point people there.

I also put ljdump on github for easy collaboration.
Good to hear some excitement about Git from another pythonist. I'm unaware of how mercurial does with SVN, but I know Mozilla at least converted their whole repo into mercurial at one point; which they chose over Git for various reasons. On the other hand, I think their conversion probably included some sort of manual-work insanity.

I will take your recommendation though and give Git a shot soon. :)
I had been using Mercurial for several weeks before looking at Git, mostly because it was the "natural" choice for a Python aficionado. When it came time to integrate with Subversion though, Git was a better fit. I spent the time to really learn it, and it has definitely been worth it. The article Repository Formats Matter was a big influence on me (some bits of that article are out of date compared to recent Git versions, but the fundamentals are still true).
Greg Hewgill <>