Date: 2004-02-03 07:56:00
Tags: spam
mydoom update
Well I finally got around to configuring my mail server to send all mail addressed to Mydoom's set of 47 forged addresses, straight to the bit bucket.

Since sometime last night, I received 1415 incoming messages that were detected by my Mydoom filter and sent off to a specific folder. Only 183 of those were directly addressed to <>, the rest were to addresses such as <>, <>, etc., which don't exist and were therefore sent to my own mailbox.

In the last two minutes my mail server has received 10 messages for linda, brent, jose, jack, ted, anna, michael, dave, serg, and sandra.

After having some trouble with my greylisting implementation over the weekend, I've turned it back on and the Mydoom activity may be subsiding. It might be too early to tell for sure though.

The conclusion for this morning is that delivering all misaddressed mail to your own mailbox amplifies the Mydoom problem significantly. (Yes, that's obvious. It's early, give me a break.)
[info]snaxxx : Contagious
Somehow Connie's work computer has been infected, so she's worried that it will spread to her friends' computers now...Hope not!
[info]ghewgill : Re: Contagious
McAfee has a free tool called Stinger that will remove this and the other worst viruses and worms.
(anonymous) : I didn't have it
Turns out I didn't have the virus on my work or my home computer, it was bouncing messages back to my work the heck out of me how this stuff works. My yahoo email account keeps getting hit with mydoom emails, though. Sheesh. Thanks for the stinger tip.

Greg Hewgill <>