Date: 2009-05-04 23:20:00
pyqver - identify minimum python version
The other day on Stack Overflow, somebody asked a question about whether there was a tool to determine the minimum version of Python required for a given script. Apparently such a thing didn't exist, and I've also had a need for such a tool in the past.

So, in the spirit of having an itch to scratch and doing something about it, I put together pyqver (for PYthon Query VERsion) which attempts to determine the minimum version of Python required to execute a particular script. It's reasonably complete but there are some aspects that are not yet handled (as mentioned in the README file). Feel free to fork and improve it!
That is actually a fantastic idea for just about any code. Even C could benefit. I work with some embedded C compilers that aren't totally compliant. It would be awesome if compilation environments incorporated such a tool and simply stopped after checking dependencies to tell you want needs upgrading.
Greg Hewgill <>