Date: 2009-05-28 22:46:00
definitive metal family tree
Yesterday I ran across the "Definitive Metal Family Tree" from the documentary "Metal: A Headbanger's Journey". The original chart is pretty compact and hard to follow the lines, so I had a go at reformatting it.

I dropped the data into a Graphviz file and tweaked the layout so it looked decent. The result is a chart that's much easier to read because all the genres are sorted mostly by timeline with clear inheritance arrows between them. Click on the image to view the readable full size one:

That is indeed much clearer! You should propose it as a replacement to the article.
I am old. I recognize most names in the first and second rows. Most of the rest I've never heard of.

Reminds me of the chart on the blackboard in "School of Rock":
Rush and Meshuggah in the same box makes me want to jump in the mosh pit.
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"Metal Periodic Table" IMO. :)
+1 very nice. :)
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