Date: 2004-03-24 22:04:00
Tags: livejournal
meta blogging issues
Since I started this journal I've written about many different things. There are posts about flying, vacations, spam, geocaching, photography, weather, esperanto, telescopes, girls, copyright, animals, software, and more. There are a bunch of different people who read this journal (at least I've led myself to believe that is true :), not all of whom will necessarily be interested in everything I happen to write about.

So, I feel the need to segregate, categorize, organize. Split up this journal into technical stuff and recreational stuff and creative stuff and personal stuff and whatever other buckets of stuff happen to fit. Let people choose which sub-journals they want to read, and then I don't have to worry about issues like alienating most of the readers of this journal by say, posting stuff in Esperanto (which I've only done a couple of times with mixed success).

Thankfully, after I thought about this for a moment and noticed that livejournal does not actually offer any kind of facilities for sub-journals, I came to my senses and realized this was a dumb idea.

The human brain has an exceptional ability to filter information. If there is anybody reading my journal who doesn't care to read about my inbox filling up with thousands of email worms, they can easily identify such a post within the first few words and choose not to read it. I know I mentally filter posts frequently when reading my friends page. Some posts I don't actually read at all, some I skim over, some I read more carefully and perhaps follow any links to other sites, some I open up in another browser window to remind myself to check for any replies later, and some I jump in and write a followup comment myself. It sure doesn't take me very long to come to a decision about how to treat any individual post.

This is a journal. It is a sequential record of whatever I happen to be doing or thinking about that I think somebody else might be interested in too. It's not quite a simple brain dump of whatever happens to be on my mind from moment to moment (I've seen journals like that), as I try to put some effort into composing well-written entries. This represents a slice of my life, packaged up into new bite-sized chunks every few days.

So, having said all that, I'm going to continue to write new entries in my journal without worrying about whether readers may or may not be interested in the subject. Presumably you are reading this journal because at least some of what I have to say is of interest to you. It would be unreasonable for me to expect that everything I have to say is of interest to you.
has someone snarked at you about what you write?
No, not at all, this was entirely prompted by thoughts within my own head. I was just feeling some desire to organize and help pre-filter stuff for people. Don't mind me, back to your regularly scheduled blogging... :)
I got about halfway through and stopped caring. I guess my brain decided to filter the rest out :)
That's exactly what I like to hear. :)
Well, duh! :)
Mi diru evidentaĵojn!
Ankaŭ du menciis vian "neplenan sukceson" kiam vi (nur kelkfoje) afiŝis Esperante - do mi kuraĝigas vin simple fari plue kaj ignori iujn ajn plendistojn! (Kompreneble se la mesaĝo gravas por la nuranglaj amikoj, oni povas ankaŭ doni mallongan anglan resumon.) Post multaj Esperantaj enskriboj, ili ĉesos plendi kaj simple kutimiĝos kaj akceptos, kredu min. :) Tiel oni ne nur plibonigas la lingvolertecon, sed ankaŭ pligrandigas la komunan konstaton pri la lingvo... kaj tiel la konspiro kreskas...
You forgot skydiving!!

By the way, there's a ground school on Saturday... :>
I still like to sort my less dull entries into my Memories, so that if anyone wants to catch up on the last year of, say, [info]ianiceboy romance, it's quite easy and categorised.
That's a good idea, I'll have to try that. Thanks!
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