Date: 2004-04-09 15:14:00
Tags: computers, backup
damn hardware part 2
Thanks to [info]ivo for a spare 9GB hard drive, and to [info]moonwick for burning me a handy Debian boot CD, my old PII-300 is back up and running. The second drive in the machine is still intact, which contains most of everything I wanted to keep. However, the boot drive, which contained my current email inbox plus an old install of Windows NT that probably still had stuff I wanted to keep, appears dead.

I am working on an automated backup solution that doesn't rely on fallible me. Looks like I need to have hardware fail every so often to remind myself that it will continue to do so, and I need to be prepared for it.
Now I'm really worried that one of my drives is going to fail.

With nearly 160 GB of data and no real backup solution, I'm probably just asking for trouble...

Maybe I need an external Firewire or USB2 drive.

Of course, a Firewire or USB2 card would probably help as well...

I picked up an external 120GB USB hard drive to use as part of my new backup solution (which works great with FreeBSD and is now formatted with UFS). I don't need very much room, but they had sizes in excess of 300GB available.
Greg Hewgill <>