Date: 2004-05-27 14:27:00
Tags: random
change is unexpected
While digging through the change in my car for lunch, I noticed a coin that shouldn't be there. Somehow I got a 5 pence piece as change at some point. It's almost exactly the same size as a dime except it's a bit thicker. says it's worth about 9.2 US cents right now.

Anyway, not something you see every day.
So basically you got cheated out of 0.8 US cents if you were given it instead of a dime!
We can add it to my foreign coin collection! :)
bonus. the way the economy's been lately, that 5 pence is a lot more likely to hold its value than the dime you thought you got. :)

Right now I'm feeling pretty smart for sitting on my little pile of foreign currency!
The other day I got a 16 zagnub piece for my quarter!

The new design is really cool. I like how they are all part of a whole. And the non circular shapes. Fancy!
Wow, that's a neat idea. I'll have to be on a lookout for those as I expect to be passing through the UK sometime next year.
Greg Hewgill <>