Date: 2004-06-19 00:37:00
Tags: cars
temporarily stuck
Well, after another four hours of working on the NSX, I'm kind of stuck. Somehow I managed to tighten a nut with stuff attached under it slightly incorrectly, in such a way that I now can't get the socket back on the nut to loosen it. Lovely.

I ended up having to take the front cylinder head cover off again so I could see the cylinder TDC marks on the timing pulleys. The real work (adjusting the valve clearances) went pretty smoothly. Like the front, the rear cylinder bank had many misadjusted valves, mostly too tight.
You can't use a box-end wrench? How about a crescent wrench?
The real problem is that this nut is at the bottom of a stud that sits deep at the bottom of a channel in the head cover between the cams. I can't really get a wrench anywhere near it, I can't see the nut without a mirror, and it's very difficult to get both arms back there in a functional capacity. You're welcome to drop by and help me figure out how to undo the nut, though. :)
So I take it you're using a deep-well socket?

If the socket came off, there's a way to get it back on. Might need some 'gentle persuasion'.

I'd be happy to stop by, but I'm booked until Friday, unless I go to Skydive Houston in which case I'm booked until sometime next week.
Yeah, I'm using a deep well socket. Under the nut is a tab off the side of a hard plastic wiring harness channel running beside the stud. When I took the socket off, the side of the wiring harness had room to lean a lot more toward the stud. It was sort of a one way trip for the socket, because now I can't bend the harness far enough away from the stud to get the socket back over the nut. :) The actual problem is that the tab is supposed to go above the nut, not below. Oops.

I hope to get this sorted out by next week. If not I'll let you know. :)
You might try a duck-nose vice-grips, depending on how tight the nut is.
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