Development Tools for PalmPilot

This page is where you will find the latest versions of my development tools for the PalmPilot. The PalmPilot is a handheld computer based on the Motorola MC68328 DragonBall CPU.

Darrin Massena has put together a site called Pilot Software Development that is "devoted to the development of quality software for the 3Com PalmPilot". Darrin's site is home of the ASDK (Alternative Software Development Kit), a collection of tools for PalmPilot developers that is independent of the Macintosh.

Current version:
Beta 8
Copilot is a Windows program that emulates the PalmPilot. Copilot has a number of features for accurate emulation of the PalmPilot hardware platform, plus additional features for debugging PalmPilot applications.
  • PalmPilot lookalike display (it looks like a real PalmPilot attached to your monitor!)
  • Mouse pointer simulates the PalmPilot pen
  • Silkscreen and Graffiti area
  • Hardware buttons (on/off, app buttons, up/down, reset, HotSync)
  • Zoom display and optional backlighting for better readability
  • Configurable memory card size (up to 8 MB)
  • Communications port emulation for HotSyncing and modem communications
  • Speaker emulation
  • Keyboard mapping so you can enter text with your PC keyboard
  • Display frames per second control

Current version:
Beta 4
Jump is a JavaTM development environment for the PalmPilot. Jump reads compiled Java .class files and generates 68000 .asm files, which are run through Pila (Darrin Massena's PalmPilot Assembler) to generate PalmPilot .prc files.

Now includes source code!

Copilot and Jump are Copyright © 1996,1997 by Greg Hewgill

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