[Copilot icon] Copilot - The Windows PalmPilot Emulator

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The Fog Creek CopilotSM service allows people to help their friends, relatives, and customers fix their computer problems by connecting to their computers via the Internet.

Unlike other remote assistance services, Fog Creek Copilot is easy to use, works through any home or office firewall, and requires no installation or configuration.

Copilot Officially Supported by Palm Computing

(1998-06-08) Near the beginning of 1998, Palm, Inc. contacted me to ask permission to take over the development of Copilot. Since I had not worked on Copilot for quite some time, I was happy to hear they would be continuing the development work.

Palm, Inc. has renamed "Copilot" to "Palm OS Emulator". This name reflects changes that have been made to Palm, Inc.'s product line over the last couple of years. The Palm OS Emulator will remain free software, with full source code available. Palm, Inc. will be maintaining both the Windows and Macintosh ports.

The Palm OS Emulator is now part of Palm, Inc.'s Palm OS SDK. They are also offering a downloadable debug version of the Palm OS ROM for Palm Solution Provider members.

Please visit the Palm OS Platform Developers page for more information about the Palm OS Emulator.

The old Copilot home page may be found here.

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