[Jump icon] Jump - JavaTM User Module for PalmPilot

2001-05-28 - I just discovered that Ralf Kleberhoff has continued Jump development with Jump2. Thanks Ralf, after almost four years it's good to see that somebody else has picked up the ball.

What follows is the last Jump home page I published.

FAQ NOTICE: If you are having trouble with Jump, please read the Jump FAQ before sending me email. This will probably answer your questions and you will get a faster response. Thank you.

Jump is a program that allows developers to write JavaTM code for the PalmPilot. This has nothing to do with the Internet, HTTP, or the World Wide Web, and in particular will not allow you to run or write Java "applets". It does allow you to use a well-designed, easy to learn language to write applications for the PalmPilot.

The name "Jump" could be an acronym that stands for Java User Module for PalmPilot, but it was actually inspired during a late-night hacking session by the classic Van Halen song "Jump" (74k midi).

Changes in Beta 4:

View the latest release notes (updated 10/23/97)
Download Jump now! (jump10.zip, about 150k)
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