Date: 2005-12-27 00:08:00
Tags: spam
the war on spam

I've been working again on making sure my mail server does the best job it possibly can at rejecting spam and other unwanted email. I recently wrote a Postfix log file scanner that summarizes the reasons why email is being rejected. You can see the current summary here (this shows the statistics for the current day since 00:00 UTC).

A few things about this summary are interesting:

Even after all this, when my SMTP server rejects over 90% of the connections to it, spamassassin still catches a lot after delivery. I'm going to work on some statistics processing there so I can find out how effective that is.

Finally, I still get an annoying amount of spam landing in my inbox. The war continues.

BTW, might be of interest to you...
Greg Hewgill <>