Date: 2004-05-25 12:46:00
Tags: rant, driving
rules of the road

I've recently noticed a lot of drivers around here with bad driving habits. Perhaps this isn't stuff that they explicitly teach you in driving school, but it's just common courtesy and sense.

To all the drivers out there with annoying driving habits:

Thank you for your attention.

If I'm waiting to turn right, and you are approaching from the left intending to turn out of the lane I'm turning into, use your signal so I know what your intentions are.

I disagree. Any time you make a lane charge or a turn, if there is any traffic visible anywhere around you, use your signal. Informing others of your intentions can help avoid accidents. If they cut you off because you used your signal, you don't want to be in front of them anyway - they'd likely tailgate you, and therefore be more of a hazard.
I don't see what part you disagree with. I'm talking about watching somebody approach from the left and not having any idea what they're going to do until the last minute when they turn right. This can of course be generalized to "always use your signal". Of course I have my signal on while waiting to turn right.
Mostly, I just wanted to disagree with something. I've been in quite a contrary mood lately. :) And I disagreed with the implication that that's one of the few times when it's really necessary.

Maybe I should eat lunch...
I wasn't implying that at all. I was instead complaining about people who don't use their signal when intending to turn, particularly in that situation.

Go eat lunch!
I ate all my ravioli and I'm still hungry. :(
If you are ahead of me and intend to change lanes into a turn lane, don't slow down too much while you're still in front of me unless there isn't enough room to do it in the turn lane.

Amen, brother, amen.

Not many things piss me off on the road like people who use the road to slow down instead of the turn lane.

Fuck off you shitty drivers, fuck right off!
speaking as someone who rarely uses their blinker...bite me, ya whiners...


however, heres another...if you are going less than 5-10 miles over the speedlimit...STAY OUT OF THE FAR LEFT LANE!!!! also, if you are in the left lane and i come up behind you going faster, move over.
I disagree. If I'm speeding AND passing, I'm staying. You can wait. I was there first.

haven't done much high speed driving outside the US, specifically germany, have you?

if you're "passing" at 90 and there's a car behind you coming up at twice your speed, you'd probably move over if you want to see the sun rise again.
Ha. Indeed. Perhaps I specified I was speaking only within the US?
the same circumstance can occur on this side of the pond
That totally happened to me one day. I got the hell out of the way.
I find that if there is a jackass going that fast coming up behind you while you're passing, not only do they ride your ass, but they don't give you a chance to move over without cutting off the person you're passing. Which I won't do.

I'll let those people go around me so I'm not hit while trying to get out of their way. Then I'll move over.
i dont want to cause the person going slower in front of me to get into an accident, so if they cant get over safely, i back off. its just if they can safely get over and dont that i get mad.
If you are actively passing the vehicle to the right, go ahead, finish your pass, and move over. However, turn on your blinker, so I know you're going to move over, and do it promptly, please. Don't stay in the left lane when there's a quarter mile of empty middle lane and I obviously want to go faster than you.
How about stay out of the far left lane . . . period!

The far left lane is a passing lane, go over there to pass, and get your ass back int he right lane.

This obviously doesn't really apply to heavy traffic times and such. But I can't stand having to pass someone on the right because they are going 55 in a 65 in the far left lane.
The far left lane is a passing lane, go over there to pass, and get your ass back int he right lane.

This only recently became law in Illinois.

Prior to that there was nothing illegal about hanging about in the left lane all day long if you wanted. It wasn't (and isn't) popular, but it wasn't illegal.
i doubt that it'd go far in a court, unless they are seriously driving under the speed limit in the left lane--if you took it up with a cop he'd probably try to ticket you for going too fast, non? i enjoy the places in colorado that specify a minimum speed in the left lane but it's typically 15-20mph under the limit (75 there) so it's basically useless.

i've always wanted to steal one of those "left lane is for passing only" signs to have in my car to raise thru the sunroof at recalcitrant left-laners.

but folks, texas is about the worst place in the US (i've driven thru ~30 states) for left-lane sloth. everywhere else is better. why does it have to be so HUGE? (literally i notice a massive difference the moment i cross into oklahoma or new mexico, tho louisiana tends to be a little less pronounced...)
if im going 85-90, im pretty much passin everyone...
speaking as someone who rarely uses their blinker...bite me, ya whiners...

Maybe I'll just run you over

Wait, I'm in the smaller car...
Hey Texans, pay attention out there!

I find Texans some of the most polite, sharing, "always willing to let you in" drivers (compared to CA, FL, NJ, NY, PA), but also some of the most inattentive. In the last year I've seen over 4 cars absent mindedly blow through red lights (most recently at Jollyville Rd. and Oak Knoll in Austin). Now I'm in the habit of looking both ways, even though I have the green!
Wow! I wanna know where you're driving. I have found in Austin that NO ONE lets you in, and in fact, speeds up SO YOU CAN'T GET IN.
You're losing it, dude.
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