氄 (U+6C04 radical 毛)

  1. (rǒng) down or fine hair

氅 (U+6C05 radical 毛)

  1. (chǎng) overcoat

氆 (U+6C06 radical 毛)

  1. (pǔ) thick rough serge from Tibet

氇 (U+6C07 radical 毛)

  1. (lǔ) thick rough serge from Tibet

氉 (U+6C09 radical 毛)

  1. (sào) restless, melancholy

氊 (U+6C0A radical 毛)

  1. (zhān) variant of 氈|毡[zhan1]

氍 (U+6C0D radical 毛)

  1. (qú) woolen rug

氏 (U+6C0F radical 氏)

  1. (shì) clan name; maiden name
  2. (zhī) see 月氏[Yue4 zhi1] and 閼氏|阏氏[yan1 zhi1]
3 entries starting with 氏

氐 (U+6C10 radical 氏)

  1. (dī) name of an ancient tribe
  2. (dǐ) foundation; on the whole
2 entries starting with 氐

民 (U+6C11 radical 氏)

  1. (mín) the people; nationality; citizen
111 entries starting with 民

氓 (U+6C13 radical 氏)

  1. (máng) vagrant; ruffian
  2. (méng) people
2 entries starting with 氓

气 (U+6C14 radical 气)

  1. (qì) gas; air; smell; weather; vital breath; to anger; to get angry; to be enraged
126 entries starting with 气

氕 (U+6C15 radical 气)

  1. (piē) protium 1H; light hydrogen, the most common isotope of hydrogen, having no neutron, so atomic weight 1

氖 (U+6C16 radical 气)

  1. (nǎi) neon (chemistry)

気 (U+6C17 radical 气)

  1. (qì) Japanese variant of 氣|气

氘 (U+6C18 radical 气)

  1. (dāo) deuterium 2H; heavy hydrogen, isotope of hydrogen having 1 neutron in its nucleus, so atomic weight 2
2 entries starting with 氘

氙 (U+6C19 radical 气)

  1. (xiān) xenon (chemistry)

氚 (U+6C1A radical 气)

  1. (chuān) tritium 3H; radioactive isotope of hydrogen having 2 neutrons in its nucleus, so atomic weight 3

氛 (U+6C1B radical 气)

  1. (fēn) miasma; vapor
2 entries starting with 氛

氝 (U+6C1D radical 气)

  1. (nèi) neon Ne (chemistry) (now written 氖[nai3])

氟 (U+6C1F radical 气)

  1. (fú) fluorine (chemistry)
7 entries starting with 氟

氡 (U+6C21 radical 气)

  1. (dōng) radon (chemistry)

氢 (U+6C22 radical 气)

  1. (qīng) hydrogen (chemistry)
25 entries starting with 氢

氤 (U+6C24 radical 气)

  1. (yīn) generative forces; magic emanation
2 entries starting with 氤

氥 (U+6C25 radical 气)

  1. (xī) variant of 氙[xian1]

氦 (U+6C26 radical 气)

  1. (hài) helium (chemistry)
2 entries starting with 氦

氧 (U+6C27 radical 气)

  1. (yǎng) oxygen (chemistry)
20 entries starting with 氧

氨 (U+6C28 radical 气)

  1. (ān) ammonia
11 entries starting with 氨

氩 (U+6C29 radical 气)

  1. (yà) argon (chemistry)

氪 (U+6C2A radical 气)

  1. (kè) krypton (chemistry)

氮 (U+6C2E radical 气)

  1. (dàn) nitrogen (chemistry)
5 entries starting with 氮

氯 (U+6C2F radical 气)

  1. (lǜ) chlorine (chemistry)
31 entries starting with 氯

氰 (U+6C30 radical 气)

  1. (qíng) cyanogen (CN)2; ethane dinitrile
12 entries starting with 氰

氲 (U+6C32 radical 气)

  1. (yūn) heavy atmosphere

水 (U+6C34 radical 水)

  1. (shuǐ) surname Shui
  2. (shuǐ) water; river; liquid; beverage; additional charges or income; (of clothes) classifier for number of washes
238 entries starting with 水

氵 (U+6C35 radical 水)

  1. (shuǐ) "water" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 85), occurring in 没, 法, 流 etc; see also 三點水|三点水[san1 dian3 shui3]

氷 (U+6C37 radical 水)

  1. (bīng) variant of 冰[bing]

永 (U+6C38 radical 水)

  1. (yǒng) forever; always; perpetual
100 entries starting with 永

氹 (U+6C39 radical 水)

  1. (dàng) variant of 凼[dang4]; pool; pit; ditch; cesspit
2 entries starting with 氹

氺 (U+6C3A radical 水)

  1. (shuǐ) archaic variant of 水[shui3]

氽 (U+6C3D radical 入)

  1. (tǔn) to float; to deep-fry
3 entries starting with 氽

氾 (U+6C3E radical 水)

  1. (fàn) variant of 泛[fan4]
2 entries starting with 氾

氿 (U+6C3F radical 水)

  1. (guǐ) mountain spring

汀 (U+6C40 radical 水)

  1. (tīng) sandbar; shoal; sandbank
5 entries starting with 汀

汁 (U+6C41 radical 水)

  1. (zhī) juice
2 entries starting with 汁

求 (U+6C42 radical 水)

  1. (qiú) to seek; to look for; to request; to demand; to beseech
38 entries starting with 求

汆 (U+6C46 radical 水)

  1. (cuān) quick-boil; to boil for a short time

汇 (U+6C47 radical 水)

  1. (huì) remit; to converge (of rivers); to exchange
  2. (huì) class; collection
43 entries starting with 汇

汉 (U+6C49 radical 水)

  1. (hàn) Han ethnic group; Chinese (language); the Han dynasty (206 BC-220 AD)
  2. (hàn) man
78 entries starting with 汉

汊 (U+6C4A radical 水)

  1. (chà) branching stream

汋 (U+6C4B radical 水)

  1. (zhuó) to pour

汍 (U+6C4D radical 水)

  1. (wán) shed tears

汎 (U+6C4E radical 水)

  1. (fàn) variant of 泛[fan4]
2 entries starting with 汎

汐 (U+6C50 radical 水)

  1. (xī) night tides; evening ebbtide; Taiwan pr. [xi4]
3 entries starting with 汐

汔 (U+6C54 radical 水)

  1. (qì) near

汕 (U+6C55 radical 水)

  1. (shàn) Swatow
7 entries starting with 汕

汗 (U+6C57 radical 水)

  1. (hàn) perspiration; sweat; CL:滴[di1],頭|头[tou2],身[shen1]; to be speechless (out of helplessness, embarrassment etc) (Internet slang used as an interjection)
21 entries starting with 汗

汙 (U+6C59 radical 水)

  1. (wū) variant of 污; dirty; filthy; foul; corrupt; to smear; to defile; dirt; filth

汚 (U+6C5A radical 水)

  1. (wū) variant of 污; dirty; filthy; foul; corrupt; to smear; to defile; dirt; filth

汛 (U+6C5B radical 水)

  1. (xùn) high water; flood; to sprinkle water
3 entries starting with 汛

汜 (U+6C5C radical 水)

  1. (sì) stream which returns after branching

汝 (U+6C5D radical 水)

  1. (rǔ) thou
9 entries starting with 汝

汞 (U+6C5E radical 水)

  1. (gǒng) mercury (chemistry)

江 (U+6C5F radical 水)

  1. (jiāng) surname Jiang
  2. (jiāng) river; CL:條|条[tiao2],道[dao4]
97 entries starting with 江

池 (U+6C60 radical 水)

  1. (chí) surname Chi
  2. (chí) pond; reservoir; moat
12 entries starting with 池

污 (U+6C61 radical 水)

  1. (wū) dirty; filthy; foul; corrupt; to smear; to defile; dirt; filth
22 entries starting with 污

汤 (U+6C64 radical 水)

  1. (tāng) surname Tang
  2. (shāng) rushing current
  3. (tāng) soup; hot or boiling water; decoction of medicinal herbs; water in which sth has been boiled
41 entries starting with 汤

汧 (U+6C67 radical 水)

  1. (qiān) name of a river in Shangdong; marsh; float

汨 (U+6C68 radical 水)

  1. (mì) name of a river, the southern tributary of Miluo river 汨羅江|汨罗江[Mi4 luo2 jiang1]
5 entries starting with 汨

汩 (U+6C69 radical 水)

  1. (gǔ) confused; extinguished

汪 (U+6C6A radical 水)

  1. (wāng) surname Wang
  2. (wāng) expanse of water; ooze
8 entries starting with 汪

汭 (U+6C6D radical 水)

  1. (ruì) river-bend

汰 (U+6C70 radical 水)

  1. (tài) to discard; to eliminate
2 entries starting with 汰

汲 (U+6C72 radical 水)

  1. (jí) surname Ji
  2. (jí) draw water from well
4 entries starting with 汲

汳 (U+6C73 radical 水)

  1. (biàn) Henan; name of an ancient river

汴 (U+6C74 radical 水)

  1. (biàn) name of a river in Henan; Henan
3 entries starting with 汴

汶 (U+6C76 radical 水)

  1. (wèn) Wen River in northwest Sichuan (same as 汶川); classical name of river in Shandong, used to refer to Qi 齊國|齐国
8 entries starting with 汶

汹 (U+6C79 radical 水)

  1. (xiōng) torrential rush; tumultuous
2 entries starting with 汹

汽 (U+6C7D radical 水)

  1. (qì) steam; vapor
31 entries starting with 汽

汾 (U+6C7E radical 水)

  1. (fén) name of a river
6 entries starting with 汾

沁 (U+6C81 radical 水)

  1. (qìn) to seep; to percolate
10 entries starting with 沁

沂 (U+6C82 radical 水)

  1. (yí) Yi River, Shandong
7 entries starting with 沂

沃 (U+6C83 radical 水)

  1. (wò) fertile; rich; to irrigate; to wash (of river)
21 entries starting with 沃

沄 (U+6C84 radical 水)

  1. (yún) rushing of a torrent

沅 (U+6C85 radical 水)

  1. (yuán) Yuan river in Guizhou and Hunan
7 entries starting with 沅

沆 (U+6C86 radical 水)

  1. (hàng) a ferry; fog; flowing
3 entries starting with 沆

沇 (U+6C87 radical 水)

  1. (yǎn) surname Yan
  2. (yǎn) archaic variant of 兗|兖[Yan3]
2 entries starting with 沇

沈 (U+6C88 radical 水)

  1. (shěn) surname Shen; place name
  2. (chén) variant of 沉[chen2]
18 entries starting with 沈

沉 (U+6C89 radical 水)

  1. (chēn) see 黑沉沉[hei1 chen1 chen1]
  2. (chén) to submerge; to immerse; to sink; to keep down; to lower; to drop; deep; profound; heavy
53 entries starting with 沉

沌 (U+6C8C radical 水)

  1. (dùn) confused; turbid

沍 (U+6C8D radical 水)

  1. (hù) congealed; frozen

沏 (U+6C8F radical 水)

  1. (qī) to steep (tea)

沐 (U+6C90 radical 水)

  1. (mù) to bathe; to cleanse; to receive; to be given
11 entries starting with 沐

沓 (U+6C93 radical 水)

  1. (tà) surname Ta
  2. (dá) classifier for sheets of papers etc: pile, pad; Taiwan pr. [ta4]
  3. (tà) again and again; many
3 entries starting with 沓

沔 (U+6C94 radical 水)

  1. (miǎn) inundation; name of a river

沕 (U+6C95 radical 水)

  1. (wù) abstruse; profound

沘 (U+6C98 radical 水)

  1. (bǐ) name of a river

沙 (U+6C99 radical 水)

  1. (shā) surname Sha
  2. (shā) granule; hoarse; raspy; sand; powder; CL:粒[li4]; abbr. for Tsar or Tsarist Russia
104 entries starting with 沙

沚 (U+6C9A radical 水)

  1. (zhǐ) islet

沛 (U+6C9B radical 水)

  1. (pèi) copious; abundant
2 entries starting with 沛

沟 (U+6C9F radical 水)

  1. (gōu) ditch; gutter; groove; gully; ravine; CL:道[dao4]
7 entries starting with 沟

没 (U+6CA1 radical 水)

  1. (méi) (negative prefix for verbs); have not; not
  2. (mò) drowned; to end; to die; to inundate
82 entries starting with 没

沢 (U+6CA2 radical 水)

  1. (zé) Japanese variant of 澤|泽

沣 (U+6CA3 radical 水)

  1. (fēng) rainy; place name in Shaanxi; Feng River in Shaanxi 陝西|陕西, tributary of Wei River 渭水
2 entries starting with 沣

沤 (U+6CA4 radical 水)

  1. (ōu) bubble; froth
  2. (òu) to steep; to macerate
4 entries starting with 沤

沥 (U+6CA5 radical 水)

  1. (lì) to drip; to strain or filter; a trickle
4 entries starting with 沥

沦 (U+6CA6 radical 水)

  1. (lún) to sink (into ruin, oblivion); to be reduced to
11 entries starting with 沦

沧 (U+6CA7 radical 水)

  1. (cāng) blue-green or azure (of water); vast (of water); cold
12 entries starting with 沧

沩 (U+6CA9 radical 水)

  1. (guī) name of a river in Shanxi

沪 (U+6CAA radical 水)

  1. (hù) short name for Shanghai
8 entries starting with 沪

沫 (U+6CAB radical 水)

  1. (mò) foam; suds

沬 (U+6CAC radical 水)

  1. (mèi) dawn; place name

沭 (U+6CAD radical 水)

  1. (shù) river in Shandong
3 entries starting with 沭

沮 (U+6CAE radical 水)

  1. (jǔ) to destroy; to stop
2 entries starting with 沮

沰 (U+6CB0 radical 水)

  1. (tuō) to let drop

沱 (U+6CB1 radical 水)

  1. (tuó) tearful; to branch (of river)
4 entries starting with 沱

河 (U+6CB3 radical 水)

  1. (hé) river; CL:條|条[tiao2],道[dao4]
68 entries starting with 河

沴 (U+6CB4 radical 水)

  1. (lì) miasma

沷 (U+6CB7 radical 水)

  1. (fā) to remove evil; to cleanse; to wash away

沸 (U+6CB8 radical 水)

  1. (fèi) to boil
6 entries starting with 沸

油 (U+6CB9 radical 水)

  1. (yóu) oil; fat; grease; petroleum; to apply tung oil, paint or varnish; oily; greasy; glib; cunning
59 entries starting with 油

沺 (U+6CBA radical 水)

  1. (tián) turbulent

治 (U+6CBB radical 水)

  1. (zhì) to rule; to govern; to manage; to control; to harness (a river); cure; treatment; to heal
28 entries starting with 治

沼 (U+6CBC radical 水)

  1. (zhǎo) pond; pool
7 entries starting with 沼

沽 (U+6CBD radical 水)

  1. (gū) abbr. for Tianjin 天津 (also 津沽)
  2. (gū) to buy; to sell
4 entries starting with 沽

沾 (U+6CBE radical 水)

  1. (zhān) to moisten; to be infected by; to receive favors
  2. (zhān) variant of 沾[zhan1]; to moisten
20 entries starting with 沾

沿 (U+6CBF radical 水)

  1. (yán) along; following (a line)
  2. (yàn) riverside (often with 兒|儿 erhua)
25 entries starting with 沿

泂 (U+6CC2 radical 水)

  1. (jiǒng) vast

泄 (U+6CC4 radical 水)

  1. (xiè) to leak (of water or gas); to drip; to drain; to discharge; to leak out; to divulge (secrets); to give vent (to anger, spite etc); to disperse; to reduce
23 entries starting with 泄

泅 (U+6CC5 radical 水)

  1. (qiú) to swim
3 entries starting with 泅

泆 (U+6CC6 radical 水)

  1. (yì) licentious, libertine, dissipate

泉 (U+6CC9 radical 水)

  1. (quán) spring (small stream); mouth of a spring; coin (archaic)
15 entries starting with 泉

泊 (U+6CCA radical 水)

  1. (bó) to anchor; touch at; to moor
6 entries starting with 泊

泌 (U+6CCC radical 水)

  1. (mì) to secrete; to excrete; also pr. [bi4]
6 entries starting with 泌

泐 (U+6CD0 radical 水)

  1. (lè) to write

泑 (U+6CD1 radical 水)

  1. (yǒu) the vitreous glaze on china, porcelain etc

泒 (U+6CD2 radical 水)

  1. (gū) name of a river

泓 (U+6CD3 radical 水)

  1. (hóng) clear; vast and deep; classifier for a body of clear water

泔 (U+6CD4 radical 水)

  1. (gān) slop from rinsing rice
2 entries starting with 泔

法 (U+6CD5 radical 水)

  1. (fǎ) France; French; abbr. for 法國|法国[Fa3 guo2]
  2. (fǎ) law; method; way; Buddhist teaching; Legalist
123 entries starting with 法

泖 (U+6CD6 radical 水)

  1. (mǎo) still water

泗 (U+6CD7 radical 水)

  1. (sì) river in Shandong
  2. (sì) nasal mucus
9 entries starting with 泗

泙 (U+6CD9 radical 水)

  1. (píng) sound of water splashing

泚 (U+6CDA radical 水)

  1. (cǐ) clear; bright and brilliant

泛 (U+6CDB radical 水)

  1. (fàn) to float; to be suffused with; general; extensive; non-specific; flood; pan- (prefix)
21 entries starting with 泛

泜 (U+6CDC radical 水)

  1. (zhī) a river in Hebei province

泝 (U+6CDD radical 水)

  1. (sù) variant of 溯[su4]
2 entries starting with 泝

泞 (U+6CDE radical 水)

  1. (nìng) muddy

泠 (U+6CE0 radical 水)

  1. (líng) surname Ling
  2. (líng) sound of water flowing
2 entries starting with 泠

泡 (U+6CE1 radical 水)

  1. (pāo) puffed; swollen; spongy; small lake (esp. in place names); classifier for urine or feces
  2. (pào) bubble; foam; blister (i.e. skin bubble); to soak; to steep; to infuse; to dawdle; to shilly-shally; to hang about; to pick up (a girl); to get off with (a sexual partner)
33 entries starting with 泡

波 (U+6CE2 radical 水)

  1. (bō) Poland; Polish; abbr. for 波蘭|波兰[Bo1 lan2]
  2. (bō) wave; ripple; storm; surge
111 entries starting with 波

泣 (U+6CE3 radical 水)

  1. (qì) to sob
2 entries starting with 泣

泥 (U+6CE5 radical 水)

  1. (ní) mud; clay; paste; pulp
  2. (nì) restrained
39 entries starting with 泥

注 (U+6CE8 radical 水)

  1. (zhù) to inject; to pour into; to concentrate; to pay attention; stake (gambling); classifier for sums of money; variant of 註|注[zhu4]
  2. (zhù) to register; to annotate; note; comment
33 entries starting with 注

泩 (U+6CE9 radical 水)

  1. (shēng) rising of water

泪 (U+6CEA radical 水)

  1. (lèi) tears
12 entries starting with 泪

泫 (U+6CEB radical 水)

  1. (xuàn) weep

泭 (U+6CED radical 水)

  1. (fū) a raft

泮 (U+6CEE radical 水)

  1. (pàn) melt

泯 (U+6CEF radical 水)

  1. (mǐn) to vanish; to die out; to obliterate
2 entries starting with 泯

泰 (U+6CF0 radical 水)

  1. (tài) safe; peaceful; most; grand; Mt Tai 泰山[Tai4 shan1] in Shandong; abbr. for Thailand
68 entries starting with 泰

泱 (U+6CF1 radical 水)

  1. (yāng) agitated (wind, cloud); boundless
2 entries starting with 泱

泲 (U+6CF2 radical 水)

  1. (jǐ) clear wine; name of a river

泳 (U+6CF3 radical 水)

  1. (yǒng) swimming; to swim
8 entries starting with 泳

泵 (U+6CF5 radical 石)

  1. (bèng) pump
3 entries starting with 泵

泷 (U+6CF7 radical 水)

  1. (shuāng) Shuang river in Hunan and Guangdong (modern Wu river 武水)
  2. (lóng) rapids; waterfall; torrential (rain)
5 entries starting with 泷

泸 (U+6CF8 radical 水)

  1. (lú) old name of a river in Jiangxi; place name
14 entries starting with 泸

泺 (U+6CFA radical 水)

  1. (luò) name of a river

泻 (U+6CFB radical 水)

  1. (xiè) to flow out swiftly; to flood; a torrent; diarrhea; laxative
6 entries starting with 泻

泼 (U+6CFC radical 水)

  1. (pō) to splash; to spill; rough and coarse; brutish
14 entries starting with 泼

泽 (U+6CFD radical 水)

  1. (zé) pool; pond; (of metals etc) lustre; favor or beneficence; damp; moist
14 entries starting with 泽

泾 (U+6CFE radical 水)

  1. (jīng) Jing River
9 entries starting with 泾